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Five Stars"Linda Sacha, what have you wrought? Your book gave my wife permission to dote on herself. Justification that she is special. I hadn't thought, when I picked up the book, that it would have such an emotional consequence for my wife and me. You freed her, and I suspect all women who read Queen for a Day, from feeling guilty about self-indulgence. This book is for all husbands and significant others to know, finally, what to do . . . really . . . for her on her birthday."

~ Arnie Warren, international best-selling author
of The Great Connection, Find Your Passion, and Devon

Queen for a DayFive Stars"There is so much wisdom and fun in these pages. Treat yourself and find a lovely spot where you can be comfortable and quiet as you get reacquainted with your inner queen. I can’t wait to give this treasure to my friends, daughters, and granddaughters."

~ Dr. Edith M. Donohue, co-author of Life After Layoff

Five Stars"An awesome birthday bash!’ Those are my wife Kathy’s words. There’s no greater gift than to share a birthday with a partner who’s happy, knows what she wants, and lets you know! Queen for a Day set it all free!"

~ Tom Welch, America’s Career Coach and author
of Work Happy, Live Healthy

Five Stars"Queen for a Day by Linda Sacha is much more than a book about birthdays. It is an invitation and inspiration to all women to create the life of their dreams."

~ Sandy Robson, co-author of Girls’ Night Out

Five Stars"After reading Queen for a Day I’m ready to start celebrating me again!"

~ J. Ball, Health Care Consultant, NY

Five Stars"As an adult I always felt a void on my birthday that I couldn’t identify. Thank you for helping me bring a lost part of me home."

~ L. Rowley, Intuitive Healer, FL

Five Stars"Queen for a Day came into my life at a time when I'd just made a promise to start being kinder to myself. It’s helping me keep that promise, not only on my birthday but every day."

~ A. M. Trusky, Playwright and Editor, CT

Five Stars"I found this book to be refreshingly easy to read yet no less thought provoking than other more lengthy self-improvement books. The inspirational content, though referring to birthdays, applies to life in general and is that much richer."

~ D. Dunham, Physical Therapist, MA

Five Stars"My wife recently received a copy of Queen for a Day as a gift from her sister. To better "defend" myself, (as I do with those quizzes in "COSMO") I reasoned I should take a look at what she was reading. Needless to say, I loved it! What super ideas come forth to celebrate your own earth arrival. I couldn’t wait for the "guys" edition so I photocopied some of the pages to use at my upcoming sixtieth birthday . . . Please ask Ms. Sacha to send me her earliest draft for this King."

~ R. Rowley, Broker, FL

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