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Neen's Lost Song

Neen's Lost Song Audio Book by Linda M. Sacha Neen's Lost Song Audio Book by Linda M. Sacha

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Five stars

Neen’s Lost Song
Book One in the World Within Children Series
Written and narrated  by Linda M. Sacha

Neen's Lost SongIt’s spring in the Land of Divine, and all who live in this magical forest — folks and flowers alike — are celebrating. All except Neen, a sad elf child who is certain she has lost the song in her heart. When Neen dares to form a friendship with an adventurous talking rock, and accepts a challenge from a lively forest sprite, she is transported on a delightful voyage of discovery.

Children and adults alike will enjoy this enchanting tale of courage, trust and the joy of finding what has never really been lost. Running Time: 9:26

Neen's Lost Song"This story is magical – I don’t know who loved hearing about the bubbling lemon streams more – my 5 year old or me!"

"Sacha’s narration of all the character voices is superb. I want to know a talking Rock too!"

"I thought I was purchasing this for my 7 year old and he indeed loves it but what a bonus to get fabulous life reminders in such a creative and enchanting way – thank you Sacha!"

Produced by Linda M. Sacha
Music composed by Ira M. Sakolsky
Recorded and mixed by Ira M Sakolsky, Riverway Studios, CT
Mastered by Rick Stannard, CT
Graphic Design by Image Access Design

Five Stars

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