Linda Sacha

I spent my childhood on a street with five houses

surrounded by dozens of acres of corn and cows. My days were enjoyed with my neighborhood friends riding bikes, ice-skating on the pond, playing kick the can, and eating pretzels that a birch tree magically made. There were fifteen kids in my grade-school class and we were all like brothers and sisters—adoring and despising one another simultaneously. I tapped my way through ten years of dance classes and shared my weekends and holidays with my clan of cousins. What could be better than a good game of Monopoly and the production of a talent show?

Linda SachaEnveloped in a simple, rural, working-class life, we learned the wondrous art of creating our own fun and economical celebrations. This gave me the great freedom to connect and find simple joy in the moment and the people I was with. The seeds of my life’s work were planted, which would later appear in every facet of my professional life. After I earned a B.A. in education and a master’s degree in leadership and administration, I went on to teach learning-disabled students, become a corporate training officer, and start Discovery Seminars, where as a speaker, facilitator and consultant, I specialized in the human side of business. Throughout each of these varied careers wove the common thread of supporting people, and ultimately myself, as we learned to love, trust and celebrate ourselves.

Linda SachaToday, I still get to create my fun with a multi-faceted professional life where no two days are alike. As a life coach, I have the thrill of working with women around the country to mentor the projects and passions of their heart. As an author and speaker, I get to share all that I've learned (and am still learning) along the way. And I get to be a kid again as an artist, and voice over professional, immersing myself in the creativity I missed the first time around.

I love my life and the juicy people who share it with me. I treasure my privilege to be a sister, an aunt, a friend and a partner to a dreamy prince. When I step away from my work, I’m happiest in the garden, my art classes, gabbing with fascinating people, or playing a good game of Monopoly.


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