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by Linda M. Sacha

Five Stars"This is the only meditation CD that has worked for me. I am definitely a person on the go who has a difficult time relaxing and meditating. Meditation.calm makes me feel less stressed instantly. Linda Sacha has a clear, calm and peaceful voice. I highly recommend it for anyone." – D. Jaworek, educational specialist

Five Stars"I have struggled with the meditation process for years and Sacha's CD is my new best friend! I've meditated more in the past week than in months before! The language is simple, easy to listen to and the music is great! I recommend this for anyone, especially those of you who have struggled with quieting yourself to meditate." – M. Starr, Ed.D, consultant

Five Stars"I love this CD! As a cancer patient, I find it difficult to sleep, especially after a chemo treatment. I've now found a healthy solution with "Meditation.calm". Track #5 helps me fall asleep, with gratitude! Track #4 is great for me to focus on getting healthy! Track #3 helps me to "switch gears" when I find myself in an emotional state. Thank you Linda Sacha! – M. Gaudio, interpreter for the deaf

Five StarsMeditation.calm is addictive! I love using Peace and Thank You at bedtime. Immediately I can feel my mind and body relax. Reviewing what I have to be grateful for that day, lets me fall asleep with a very positive frame of mind. Sacha's voice could not be more calming. She is extremely easy to listen to. Before you know it, she has you picturing the Triple R Falls and totally relaxing. This is a must cd for anyone who is working on the art of meditation." – P. Thuman, photographer

Five Stars"This meditation CD is perfect for both those who have been reluctant to meditate and those who are experienced. I've given this CD as a gift in addition to having one for myself. The narrator's voice is perfect and pleasing. It softens my mood immediately. I like that there is a variety of lengths to each track so I can choose according to how much time I have to meditate." – D. Dunham, physical therapist

Five Stars"For years I wrestled with calming my mind, relaxing my body and just trying to sit still. I just couldn't get the gist of meditation, nor did I totally understand its value. Over time, I lost interest - until a few weeks ago when I listened to Linda Sacha's CD. It's magical, refreshing, soothing, inspirational and best of all - calming! It's become my 'daily bread' for nourishing my spirit, mind and body. Thank you, Linda Sacha, for your creativity and brilliant delivery." – N. Sweet, author

Five Stars"I bought three of Linda Sacha's Meditation.Calm CDs to give as gifts for the holidays, and ended up keeping one for myself. Her soothing voice and calming, friendly tone of voice really bring the meditations to life. I am not someone who has ever been much of a fan of meditation before, but now, having listened to Sacha's CD, I can honestly say that I have become more open to it and more relaxed and focused after using some of her meditations." – M. Ridolfi, union liaison

Five Stars"This is the most user friendly meditation I've found! It's fun and very easy to use. I love the "Heart Ball" for feeling balanced and peaceful, and the “On the go" is great for recharging anytime..... it's short and just right for a quick pick me up during the day. With her wonderful voice, Linda Sacha has created a wonderful guide for many who think meditation is for the enlightened few and too far beyond them..... or who think it's too serious, difficult or boring...... Thanks!!" – J. Gray, media producer

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