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Guided Meditations for People on the Go!

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"I just don't have the time—my life is much too hectic."

 "I've tried to meditate but I can't focus—my attention wanders."

"I'd love to experience all the benefits of quieting my mind,
but I don't know how to meditate."

Meditation.calm: Guided Meditations for People on the Go! was created especially for those who would love to take a respite from the storms in their busy lives but, for one reason or another, meditation has eluded them. On this CD, Linda Sacha dispels common preconceived notions about the "right" way to meditate and provides practical guided meditations that will help you learn to focus, relax and step into the eye of even the roughest storm quickly and easily.

All meditations last between 30 seconds and 12 minutes – you choose the one that is just right for your needs and schedule. You may not be able to eliminate errands, appointments and activities from your life but, as Sacha teaches, you can find moments of blessed calm that will recharge and refocus your energy.

Yes, you can step into the eye of the storm—without buzzwords, ethereal music and special physical positions. Meditation.calm shows you exactly how.

Five Stars

"This CD is better than coffee! I’ve been using Red Convertible and Pitcher Please each morning while in traffic and I arrive at my client’s focused and relaxed. The colors and visuals are great – I’m doing them on my own whenever I need to slow down and just have a moment. As a wife, mother of three and a full time artist, Sacha taught me how to easily fit meditation into my day." – S. Davilla, artist

"I have been trying to meditate for years - I have a stack of CD's from every seminar I've ever been to. Linda Sacha’s voice and insight are one of a kind. You will be able to meditate with or without her after a few times of listening." – L. Gray, teacher

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