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Q: What was the motivation for writing Queen for a Day?

A: “You teach best what you need to learn most.” Celebrating myself and my birthday continues to be a life-changing work in progress. I love sharing what I’ve discovered as I continue to unfold more of my self-love. I couldn’t wait to spill my guts, continue my learning, and invite other women to join in the joy. This has been both a privilege and a blast.Queen for a Day

Q: Some women have a very difficult time putting themselves first—even on their birthday. What advice would you give to these women?

A: I know. Sometimes we think we’re being noble, sometimes we call it unselfish and loving, and sometimes we just plain haven’t even thought about it. Bottom line: You can’t give away what you don’t have. The greatest gift we give our family and the world and model for our children is the gift of ourselves at our fullest and finest. We have to be on our own lists to accomplish that!

Q: How can women who have totally lost sight of their wants and needs get back in touch with their heart’s desires?

A: Start by reading Queen for a Day!  Then you can sit down with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage, spend time reflecting on the heart’s desires questions, and journal your thoughts. These pages go way beyond celebrating your birthday—we’re talking the longings of your heart—and that’s a gift to get back in touch with.

Q: What can women do if they tell their significant others what they would like for their birthdays but their partners are unreceptive?

A: I’m big on co-creating—I believe we co-create all of our life’s experiences. So first I would ask myself (as I have many times!), “How am I asking or what can I shift so that I am heard?” Have you been clear, specific, positive, and assertive in your request? Then once that’s covered (and it takes some time to practice and get results), I’d suggest that if it appears your partner is truly not interested in participating in your birthday joy, then as a woman who loves herself you choose to create your own joy. It’s your day – make it so.

Q.  How would you compare the message in your book with the 1950’s television show, Queen for a Day?

At first I was stricken with the thought of our projects being compared, however upon further thoughts, I see the strong common thread of honoring women. In the 50’s that involved crowning the overworked housewife and making her day a little easier with a new vacuum or wash machine! It was a perfect reflection of the times and did indeed honor a woman right where she was – focused on keeping home for her family.  Ironically over fifty years later, women still find themselves overworked because in addition to creating a loving home environment, they are also a powerful part of the work force.  Double duty means more than ever we need to pause, take a breath and seek a day dedicated to us.

Q: Is it possible for even women on a tight budget to be Queen for a Day?

A: Oh I love this question! No money needed—we’re talking pleasures of the heart here.  Cupcakes and a walk in the woods with your best friend can fit the bill. A true Queen for a Day realizes that her pleasure comes from within—that’s reclaiming your crown.

Q: What is the biggest complaint you’ve heard from women about their birthdays?

A: “I shouldn’t have to ask—if they loved me they should know what to do.” I get it. Been there.  Only problem is, this thinking gets you nowhere. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten. If others knew what to do, how to do it, and what you wanted, I believe they’d do it! I learned this first-hand—as soon as I stopped whining and started showing up for myself magic happened!

Q: Of all the birthday stories you’ve heard from women, which one is most dear to your heart?

A: I can’t pick just one—it’s the stories involving tenacity that are my favorite theme. When women truly never give up on themselves and their joy, and they slowly and systematically experience the amazing feeling of creating their own happiness - that inspires me right down to my bones.

Q: What is your all-time personal favorite birthday celebration?

A: Since I started finding my birthday joy again every birthday is fabulous for a different reason.  Hmmm my favorite?  When I had my sisters in my home for the whole weekend all to myself.

Q: What is the most outrageous way you’ve ever celebrated your birthday?

A: Oh that’s easy—my 50th birthday singing a Shania Twain song with a band! And honest, I’m barely a tune carrier and I didn’t care!

Q: Is it ever too late to become Queen for a Day?

A: Taking back our crown is an option that’s always waiting for us. We can take it back one piece at a time, any time, for all time.

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