Linda Sacha

What if you deeply loved, trusted and celebrated yourself?

ButterflyCoaching sessions provide the time and the tools to focus on you and your desired outcomes. Together we welcome your heart’s desires by enhancing your internal environment while creating the external steps to move forward. I am your partner in bringing to fruition the projects and passions of your heart.

Heart GirlWhether you would like to enjoy a new career, write that long over-due book or lead a more creative, peaceful, balanced life, I will…
  • Listen wholeheartedly and provide open, honest, objective feedback.
  • Help you define WHAT you most desire and WHY it’s imperative to your joy.
  • Invite you into the thinking, attitude and action steps that will create your outcome.
  • Sincerely celebrate your every accomplishment—large and small.
To find out more about my Life Coaching services, please contact me, and we'll determine together if I'm the perfect coach for you.

Life Support

"Linda Sacha is the most FABULOUS Life Support Coach you'll ever find! She continues to support me in all areas of my life, including career, relationships and health. I live a life filled with joy and laughter and Sacha has been my supporting guide." ~ M. Starr, Ed.D

For more on Sacha's professional background,
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