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Queen for a DayLinda Sacha offers a welcoming voice and a lot of "first aid for the heart" in her latest book with Gotham Publishing, Queen for a Day – Recapturing Your Happiness One Birthday at a Time. Striving to be perfect mothers, bosses and mates, today’s women often find themselves overworked, underappreciated and daunted by sarcasm about aging. Queen for a Day encourages women to reclaim their crown and offers a powerful collection of prompts and inspiring words designed to help women of any age relish their birthday.

The topic of birthdays always evokes strong emotions—most women either love them or would love to forget all about them. Wherever you stand, Life Support Coach Linda Sacha will help you embrace and rejoice in the day of your birth. A passionate advocate of "self-perpetuated happiness," Sacha wrote Queen for a Day after years of denial and disappointment when it came to her own birthday. She shares her personal journey of revelation and celebration with warmth, honesty, and compassion; reading Queen for a Day is like having a heart-to-heart talk with your best friend as Sacha invites you to:

  • Believe that the day you were born is a day worth celebrating
  • Ask yourself, "What do I really want on my special day?"
  • Act on creating a day filled with your heart’s desires
  • Fully embrace that reclaiming your happiness is the greatest gift of all

See what other women from around the globe are saying in Rave Reviews.

"This book caught me by surprise. I thought it would be "cute." It wasn't. It's more like a sacred event. Somehow Sacha breathes new perspective into the magical act of self-love. I already love and honor my birthday, but it feels like my birthday goddess has been kicked in her regal butt and raised to a new level! I really get it now: Obey the Queen and all shall be well. Thank you!" – M. Lord, Court Mediator


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