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Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day

Celebration Inspiration

Welcome to the Queen for a Day Community – an extraordinary place where crowns and celebrations are shared! I love hearing all the fabulous ways you are making your own brand of birthday happen. To send us your own celebration inspirations – click here.

Florida Queen for A Day – creates it her way!

Queen for a DayI grew up with a strong religious background where it would have been considered improper to give myself a party. But after I read Queen for a Day, I decided that it would be okay to host my own party. I love small gatherings and all the preparations. I also wanted to treat my five best friends. I sent invitations that said the birthday queen was having a  luncheon. I decided on my theme—spring—and went to work!

I made a tablecloth of light ocean blue with pink flowers and tied pink netting around the chairs. I spray-painted pink doilies to go under the clear glass plates. I made a yellow checked runner and placed a bunny dressed in green chiffon with pale green wings in the center. 

Party TableI wanted everyone to have a take-home gift so I got a jar of body butter for each of my friends and placed them in pink netting with pink shreds tied with blue and yellow ribbon. They were part of the centerpiece. I put pink and white netting around the chandelier and hung balloons from the lights. I made a large cake with pink, chocolate, and vanilla layers and chocolate ganache covered in pale yellow buttercream frosting. I made a pink fondant bow with streamers for the cake. I served peach belinis and dipped the champagne glasses in pink sugar. For pre-party I served drinks with Godiva chocolate and special Virginia peanuts. I had my husband take a group picture.

Later, my husband came back and played "Happy Birthday to You" on the piano while my friends sang and I blew out the candles on my cake. My husband took more pictures while I opened my presents and passed each one around with the card for all to see.

Celebrating with FriendsOur conversation for lunch started with an explanation of why I did this. I told my friends about Queen for a Day. I did give a birthday speech where I told them how much I cherish them and they got all teary eyed. We all talked about memorable birthdays—good and bad. From there we went to "girl things" and we talked until 4:30. You know how girls are no matter what their ages!

Of course I wore my tiara, and they loved it! I also had a birthday flag on the front of the house. All in all it was a perfect day—being with best friends, having fun getting ready; it was, as my granddaughter says, a blast! Thanks for letting me feel like it’s okay to treat myself like a Queen for one day. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

– K.W., Florida

New England Playwright surrounds herself with like- mindedness

Having a February birthday in New England is often a cold and dreary ordeal. To make things cheery, I gathered together a few of my talented friends (many of whom are playwrights) to read one of my favorite plays: Under Cheers!Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. It was not important that the others knew I was turning a year older. What was important was to be among creative, intelligent, lively spirits to share a rare piece of literature filled with beautiful language and eccentric characters. I made a huge vat of vegetarian stew and my husband built a crackling fire before which we read our parts. Then we ate.

A sympathetic friend revealed the motive behind the event by bringing a delicious cheesecake from a local gourmet market. So my secret was out. Candles, birthday song . . . oh well, sometimes they can't be avoided. But the camaraderie of like-minded souls was the perfect antidote for the inevitable.

– M.E., Connecticut

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